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Broom Guitar

Is it the broom or the guitar?

The Broom Guitar is a guitar made by attaching electric parts to a common broom. You can play music like a real guitar.

Close to the electric guitar to the limit

It is different from a guitar in shape, but it is the electric guitar itself. Like the guitar, the neck has 21 buttons like frets of a guitar, and techniques such as slide playing and tapping can also be reproduced. Also, it has a peg on the head side, and you can tune the pitch like a real guitar by turning it.

Put the strap on the stage

This Broom Guitar can be attached a strap. As with ordinary electric guitars, sound is generated from speakers when a cable is inserted into a stage amplifier in a live music club. Although it looks different, it is a completely electric guitar. Enliven the venue with more impact than it looks.

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