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Foot-step Rhythm​

Make the rhythm from foot steps

Bored leg shaking is a rhythmic movement that anyone can do unconsciously. Wouldn't it be interesting to hear a sound from a leg shaking? Foot-step Rhythm is a music instrument that adds sound to the action of leg shaking. When it is frustrate or boring in the waiting time, it produces the expressive beat from the leg shaking that just happens.

High speed wireless sensor

We reduced the cumbersome wirings to achieve accurate beats produced by the unconscious mind. It won't get in the way of your step that the lightweight sensor runs on a single button battery. The sensor at the foot sends ON and OFF information to the receiver. The binary data is transmitted at high speed, so those who are concerned about the latency (i.e. the time between ON and the sound) can play with no worries.

Connection with the speaker

The sound is generated from the speaker by connecting the receiver. The receiver can play your favorite rhythm patterns by programming.

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