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Soldering Synthesizer

This synthesizer is very hot enough to burn.

The Soldering Synthesizer is a new type of synthesizer that is played with a soldering iron. We found a completely new way of playing music without any knobs or keys. You can change the rhythm pattern by electric shorts, and enjoy the drastic changes by directly replacing the electric parts such as the resistors and capacitors.

16 steps by 4 voices

The Soldering Synthesizer has a 16-step sequencer and 4 tracks of sound generator. The sequencer can set a rhythm pattern with short circuit by the solder. The sound generator part consists of a T-Bridge analog circuit, which can reproduce various percussion sounds by the combination of capacitor and resistance. Also, you can change the EQ and BPM freely by changing the corresponding components. All components can be replaced, so you can enjoy an infinite sound making.

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